Are you shy, lacking in confidence, have low self esteem, social anxieties or phobias ? We can help you overcome being shy, raise your self esteem and confidence, overcome your social anxieties and phobias. We can also help with many other problems.
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We offer the skills that have helped many hundreds of people overcome their lack of self esteem/self confidence. Combine your determination to overcome lack of confidence, anxieties, and being shy with our proven abilities to help you win control of your life.

Lack of self confidence and self esteem wreaks havoc in many people’s lives. Being shy and lacking confidence is one of the most limiting and painful emotional conditions that 60% of the population lives with to varying degrees. They fail to seek help because of the fear and embarrassment of expressing what the problem is!

Far reaching, being shy and lacking confidence limits careers, relationships and social activity. Fear of rejection, criticism and focusing on self, due to past humiliation, criticism or family patterns of behaviour during the formative years.

These are the crippling and hidden emotions of the century. People who are shy or who have low confidence or self esteem are told to "pull themselves together" or "not to be so stupid". This state affects top performers who "dip out" on relationships, to students who never socialise during their entire student life.

The difference between the silent suffering millions and those who have received our dynamic Bio-energetic therapy combined with NLP, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is a dramatically improved emotional state and a radical diminishing of the problem within a relatively short space of time, without the use of drugs that may have dangerous side effects. Viagra for example, killed at least 69 people in the first 2 months it was available, Fen Fen had to be withdrawn after only a few months.

The respected Homoeopath and Psychotherapist, Bio-Energetics, Master NLP Practitioner, EEG Neurofeedback Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Linda Crawford, who practices at the Hale Clinic in London, has developed an innovative and very successful treatment that does just this.

A computer is used to pinpoint underlying emotional states. Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed to promote emotional self healing. This is a scientifically proven therapy and more important not only is it effective, it is also "SAFE".

On the psychological front, Linda addresses the deeply rooted causes that underlie the individual shyness factor, and behaviour patterns that reinforce the problem. "This is a particularly potent combination. I know because it worked for me, and is working for my patients at the London Shyness Centre".