Emotional problems destroy life styles, relationships and careers. Hopelessness and despair can overshadow and depress the sufferer. Energy levels drop, concentration becomes increasingly difficult. Restless and consistently tired, enthusiasm becomes non-existent. Activities decrease and dropping out of life becomes the norm. Clear and rational decision making becomes increasingly difficult. Feelings of inadequacy puts insufferable strain on the individual.

The powerful method of combining NLP, Homoeopathy, Bio-Energetics, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy consistently produces relief from the crippling state of aggression directed inwards or outwards. This dynamic combination of therapies consistently produces long lasting results. Emotional transformation treats the soil on which the emotional problems grew. Resulting in a long lasting and in consistently improvement in energy levels and motivation.

Emotional problems are a mind body state. The causes may be due to a multitude of factors. Both emotional and physical. Contributing factors such as allergies, fungal infections, parasites, blood sugar levels, intestinal parasites, and bowel flora, are examined and treated. Additionally, NLP is employed to change contributing emotional habits and triggers. Finally, if necessary, hypnotherapy supports and reinforces the changes.

Safety, combined with results! No toxic drugs which may have unpleasant and distressing side effects such as agitation, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, loss of libido, and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Treatment commences with an assessment and is then individually designed for each individual. Thus consistent and sustained changes are made.