About Neurofeedback


EEG Neurofeedback is the latest training aid to overcoming learning difficulties, increasing IQ, enhancing memory, increasing reading speed and overall peak performance. Rather than attempting to bring about change in the brain by chemical agents or mental constructs, EEG Neurofeedback educates the brain to produce specific brainwaves in specific locations in the cortex. EEG technology is used to collect date and sight and sound rewards are given to encourage the brain to balance the brain waves, similar to a state of Zen meditation. Achieve in 30 sessions the same results as 20 years of Zen meditation would achieve in harmonising and balancing brainwave production.

Because the brain services as the primary operating system of the entire human, much like a computer; the education of the brain is the most direct and efficient manner to achieve the goals of the person. This latest technology has been demonstrated in multiple research studies to alleviate the symptoms of stress, immune deficiency, addictions, depression, attention deficit disorders, chronic pain, epilepsy, sleep problems, insomnia, habitual substance abuse, ability to focus, anxiety disorders, severe personality disorders, and a host of other neurological, psychological and behavioural problems.

An interesting study has been done which demonstrates that IQ scores can be raised 10-15 points on the WAIS test. The implications for professional educators are tremendous. This study also suggests the possibility of making business executives more efficient and more creative in their work.

What is Neurofeedback, how does it work and what does it achieve?
Neurofeedback is EEG based technology that uses sound rewards to encourage the brain to produce a healthy balance ratio of brain waves. Much of Pavlov’s dogs were trained with sound and students find studying with Mozart increases their concentration. The practitioner assesses the imbalanced brainwaves that the brain has trained itself to use to survive the untoward stresses of everyday life in the Western world and by simply using the appropriate sound and sound pattern that a particular brainwave responds to, to correct an imbalance. You can create harmony within the brain that then allows the brain to start healing both emotions and physical conditions. The training of the brain using this very simple method will empower the emotions to become more balanced, the client begins to respond instead of react to situations and gradually much as working out at the gym achieves the body you deserve, allowing the brain its own particular healing workout empowers the brain to heal both emotions and body.