In the increasingly pressurised business world, this potentially debilitating condition is affecting the lives of ever larger numbers of businessmen.

Bio-energetic computerised testing, uniquely combined with not only homoeopathic treatment, but also NLP and psychotherapy, has been proven to provide the most effective and lasting treatment for this increasingly widespread problem.

Executive stress can have many symptoms, such as: chronic fatigue, poor concentration and memory, depression, anxiety, frequent infections, headaches, visual problems, panic attacks, sleep interference, mood swings, self-doubt and problems with eyesight.

The results of this safe and painless testing enable the therapist to check the condition, pinpointing the causative factors. Additionally, checks are made for any possible food intolerances, chemical damage, fungal infections, toxicities, stress and nutritional deficiencies, so that any underlying causes of stress can be eliminated. Homoeopathic remedies are then prescribed to support the endocrine system, which has been under stress, as well as to detoxify and boost the body’s own healing power, the most powerful and intricate healing system on earth - so that sufferers can regain their energy and reclaim their lives.

The sufferer is supported and treated on a psychological level with NLP and psychotherapy to support them in a time of great stress and potential crisis. Poorly understood by those around, this condition can create relationship and work problems that overwhelm the sufferer.

With this treatment most sufferers achieve substantial improvement almost immediately, while others take several more treatments to achieve significant, and usually complete, relief from this troubling condition.