Annette Colman writes: I have known Lynne Crawford for several years having attended her surgery with my daughter then aged about ten years. I was concerned about my daughter's health and general well-being. Lynne diagnosed her as being allergic to wheat and dairy produce and recommended that we cut these foods out of her diet along with giving her homeopathic supplements. This we did and were delighted and relieved to see our daughter calm down and make progress both socially and academically, to say nothing of the mprovement in her health! My daughter now follows a Rotational Diet i.e. she has these foods every three or four days. Lynne turned around my daughter's life. I am truly grateful to her for her kindness, understanding and compassion. 

Moreover, Lynne also addressed my health issues and I am very grateful to her for all the tremendous support that she has given me both in terms of my physical health and my emotional well-being. I was diagnosed as having several conditions including the virus Epstein-Barr, Candida and being allergic to many foods and chemicals. Through a huge range of different treatments I was able to make tremendous progress and thanks to Lynne's encouragement I now educate about Nutrition and how that affects Academic and Social Behaviour, Physical and Mental Health.

Lynne Crawford is undoubtedly the most caring Practitioner of any discipline that I have ever met. She has a vast range of qualifications but one cannot legislate for integrity, honesty, compassion or professionalism. Lynne encaptures all of these and much more. I am honoured and blessed to have met her.

Cherry Griffiths writes: Before I went to Lynne Crawford's Shyness Clinic I was very reluctant to go anywhere alone. Also, although I needed to seek employment, I was afraid to go to interviews. But since then I have become a Receptionist in an Alternative Health Centre, as a single person I joined a Dinner Club and met a wonderful man, but most amazingly I was a candidate for a Fringe Party in the Past General Election!

Shirley Williamson writes: I am a senior citizen who has been seeing Lynne Crawford for about a year. I am a total success for her. I have lost 14 lb in weight, but best of all I now feel so well. My whole body is smiling, mentally and physically. I am firing on all cylinders. If I were a bird I would be flying tra la la. The last year has not been easy - with Miss Crawford's method your body dictates exactly what your diet is to be. I have been following her instructions exactly - and intend to keep it up. Thank you Lynne.

Ali Ali writes: I first made an appointment to see Lynne in March. During this time I was suffering from depression which was made worse due to my shyness. My shyness stopped me looking for help, opening up to friends and family, and I was increasingly becoming more isolated and depressed. After a couple of visits, I found I was taking more risks admitting my problems to myself and others. Since then things have just got better. I'm now in a very successful relationship, my work is easier to cope with, and when problems do arise I react more positively and realistically.

Stephen Bailey from London writes: I realised at a moment in my life when I was supposed to be enjoying myself the most, (I was at University). I was in deep depression with no obvious reason for this. Eventually it became clear that it was because I was shy and unable to communicate with other people. Now half a year later, I have found that I cannot only communicate in a relaxed way with new people but also that my pessimism has almost entirely been replaced with a happier outlook on life. I no longer spend all my time being angry and blaming everyone and everything.