Linda Crawford

Master NLP Practitioner,  BioEnergetics, NLP Practitioner, EEG Neurofeedback Practitioner, Homoeopath
Linda also Studied Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

Linda is a Master NLP Practitioner, Bio Energetics Practitioner, eeg Neurofeedback Practitioner,Homoeopath and she also studied Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  She is CEO of the Linda Crawford Clinics and Director of the London Shyness Centre. Linda has trained and worked in Britain, the United States, Hungary and Switzerland. Linda's work at her practices at the Hale Clinic, Regents Park and Harley Street, London W1 includes Neurofeedback and Bio Resonance. Linda has trained extensively in America with NLP and Neurofeedback.

Linda's first book "Shyness" was published in 1997 in the U.K., USA and Italy and she is currently working on two further books 

Linda's training and research in Neurofeedback as brought a powerful tool into her integrated practice. Empowering the brain to heal both the emotional and the physical state. The addition of these techniques has further enhanced her already powerful results. 

The biofeedback full body scan she uses for all of her clients has led her to realise the full extent of toxicity and its degenerative process within the human body. Linda has been researching autism and hyperactivity for three years with HASG. The past seven years of training and working in toxicity removal under Professor Bill Nelson in London and Hungary and Halina Senn in Lausanne, Switzerland has given her powerful tools to combat the epidemic of toxicity caused disease and death. Her dream became to research and provide scientific evidence that would change lives safely and non-invasively.

She believes that Homoeopathic treatment combined with Bio-Energetics stress assessment can enhance anyone's health, irrespective of its current state. Every patient can have a treatment protocol tailored to his or her unique requirements, which can be continually evaluated to the patient's improving state of health. 

Linda offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive holistic treatment you can find in the UK today.